SSI provides both High and Low Pressure Ansul CO2 Systems

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a plentiful, non-corrosive gas that does not support combustion nor react with most substances. Having a low toxicity classification by Underwriters Laboratories (Group 5a). The agent is commonly compressed to the liquid state for storage and transportation in DOT cylinders. Upon release, the system discharges under its own pressure giving the appearance of steam as its low temperature crystalizes water in the air. For fire suppression purposes the discharge is designed to raise the carbon dioxide concentration in the hazard. Thus removing the free oxygen which supports combustion*, and results in fire extinguishment. The resultant lack of free oxygen dictates that total flooding hazards be evacuated immediately. Personnel shall avoid the local application protected by the carbon dioxide system.

Because the carbon dioxide used in the system is reclaimed from the atmosphere and is not created for the system, this fire suppression system has a zero net effect on the environment.

High Pressure Systems

CO2 extinguishing agent used in ANSUL® engineered systems is particularly useful for hazards where an electrical, nonconductive medium is essential or desirable. Or where clean-up of other agents presents a problem. Also where the hazard obstructions require the use of a gaseous agent. Learn more

The following are typical hazards protected by carbon dioxide systems:

􀀀 Printing presses
􀀀 Vaults
􀀀 Open pits
􀀀 Dip tanks
􀀀 Spray booths
􀀀 Ovens
􀀀 Engine rooms
􀀀 Coating machines
􀀀 Process equipment
􀀀 Hoods and ducts
􀀀 Flammable gas or liquid storage areas
􀀀 Turbine generators
􀀀 Rolling mills
􀀀 Coal grinding and storage

Low Pressure Systems –

Distribution of CO2 is accomplished through a selector valve or a hand-hose line arrangement. So a selector valve arrangement is commonly used when multiple hazards are protected from a common supply manifold that is located in close proximity to the storage unit. The master and selector valve arrangement is typically used to protect several hazards from the same supply manifold where the selector valve is located close to the hazard and at a significant distance from the storage unit. Hand-hose lines can either be supplied from a separate low pressure storage unit. These can also be connected to the same storage unit that supplies a fixed pipe system. In all cases, the hand hose line has its own operating discharge valve. Lean more


The following are typical hazards protected by carbon dioxide systems:
* Printing presses
* Transformer vaults/electrical cabinets
* Open pits
* Dip tanks
* Rolling mills
* Ovens
* Coating machines
* Process equipment
* Exhaust and fume handling systems
* Flammable gas or liquid storage areas
* Generators
* Inerting applications

Dust Collector

Dust collectors are used in many industrial facilities to help maintain a cleaner work atmosphere, to meet environmental and pollution regulations, and to reclaim usable resources. A system of ductwork is used to pneumatically transport the debris to the dust collector. The two most common styles of dust collectors are the bag house style and the cyclone style. Ansul CO2 systems have a solution for these units. Learn more

Mini-Bulk Low Pressure CO2

The ANSUL® Mini-Bulk CO2 Fire Suppression System was developed to provide an alternative to manifolding high
pressure cylinders. The tanks are configured vertically to save valuable floor space. In applications where floor loading is of concern, Mini-Bulk tanks offer a significant reduction in lb/ft2 (kg/m2) when compared to multiple high pressure cylinders with the same total CO2 capacity. The Mini-Bulk tanks are available in capacities of 1,500 lb (680.4 kg). The tanks can be arranged as single tank, main and reserve, or manifolded together to provide additional storage capacity. Learn more

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