Fike’s EPSMS (Emergency Power Shutdown Management System)

is designed to consolidate and control equipment emergency power off in a timely, efficient and coordinated manner. This system improves the reliability of EPO controls – reducing the chance of an accidental activation and expensive interruption to your business.

Emergency Power Off (EPO) stations are a safety feature intended to power down information technology (IT) equipment, a data center or an entire facility in an emergency such as fire, flood and HVAC failure resulting in overheating of sensitive equipment – thus protecting the facility and personnel. Arguably one of the most important safety features of any IT, data center or equipment room, emergency power off circuitry is increasingly mandated by many local jurisdictions.

EPO Controls – an asset or an accident waiting to happen?

Unfortunately, most emergency power off installations are an afterthought. The EPO is designed, installed, and tested in the field at the end of a project, simply to meet minimum code requirements. Often construction documents do not include detailed specifications, standards for quality, wiring schematics, or desired sequence of operation.

The Solution –The EPSMS

Fike’s EPSMS (Emergency Power Shutdown Management System) addresses all the concerns of a typical EPO installation and effectively consolidates, controls and monitors all power off circuits. In addition, the UL-listed EPSMS system greatly reduces the chance of accidental EPO activation and improves your system restart time if the EPO is activated for any reason. That’s peace of mind.

This panel allows for control and shutdown to occur from one consolidated and central point. This is in comparison to a typical EPO installation that many times is last minute and considered an afterthought. Typical installations often are
decentralized systems, comprised of relays distributed throughout the room, under floors, and above ceilings. Power circuits feeding shunt-trip breakers are not identified and not monitored. These systems are rarely documented with no wiring drawings. No maintenance bypass switch is installed that would allow an EPO condition to be locked out for routine maintenance. The typical EPO installation is not easily modified or expanded and is susceptible to expensive false activation.

• Consolidates controls in one location
• Includes maintenance bypass with lock-out feature to prevent accidental activation of the EPO when removing
the system from bypass mode
• Segregates the Power and HVAC shutdown within the control system
• Includes thorough documentation, sequence of operation, clear signage and drawings of the entire control system
• Includes dual action locking-type EPO switches with protective covers
• Control panel provides local monitoring and display of functions
• Control panel provides remote monitoring capabilities
• Power to the EPO controls can be monitored by fire control panel as required by NFPA 75
• Can be easily modified or expanded

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