The E3 Series® from Gamewell-FCI is the most sophisticated, yet customizable and cost-effective fire safety system available. Built around innovative, but proven technology it represents the future of fire alarm control, assisted voice evacuation and mass notification. Designed using a “building block” approach, the E3 Series is a full function fire alarm system easily configurable into a distributed network with advanced voice capability. But only the E3 Series has something more: the added benefit of broadband technology, allowing complete system integration over just two wires or fiber optic cables.

The modular design provides a “rightsized” solution for virtually any new or existing building, facility or campus. Likewise, system expansion, upgrades, or changes are easier and less costly compared with a traditional fire alarm system. And because the E3 Series uses distributed and not centralized communication control, it is perhaps the most survivable fire safety system in the event of a catastrophic situation. The bottom line? With the E3 Series, you’re protected by the latest and most intelligent, survivable and cost-effective fire alarm and voice evacuation solution available. Simply put, it is the best value in fire safety technology over the life of the building.