SSI’s fire alarm, explosion protection and suppression staffs have over 130 years of experience in our field. They have designed and sold some of the most complex systems in our country.  Our staff is continually educated on the latest equipment as well as attending certification classes by the manufacturers on the products that we represent.  Our staff is actively involved in both local and national industry organizations and can be found speaking at seminars along with presenting at lunch and learns with topics current to today’s fire alarm/protection equipment.  Our knowledge of the industry provides a level of trust to our clients and business partners that makes this sales team second to none.

Our customers have found that they can trust the experience, honesty, integrity and ethics of SSI’s sales team. We invite you to contact one of the members of this team to discuss how SSI can protect your employee’s life safety and your valuable assets for the continued operation and success of your company.


SSI hired our first installer in 1984, that employee is still with our company today.  Our installation staff has over 175 years’ experience in installing all of the product we represent.  Each construction team is made up of two men with a vehicle equipped with all the tools required to do the job quickly, efficiently, and on time.  As SSI is located in an area where often the project requires union labor, we have relationships with several local union electrical and mechanical companies that can provide the manpower required.


Project Management

All projects at SSI are assigned a Project Manager (PM). SSI Project Managers, like our sales staff, receive constant training on new products as well as attend re-certification classes. The PM begins working on the job as the project in entered by the sales staff.  The sales staff reviews the project with the PM and our engineering team as the design begins.  Once engineering is completed and approved the PM then oversees the installation of the project whether it be done by our highly experienced team or the local union members. After installation is completed the PM then works with the general contractor and local officials for the final testing and certification of the system.


SSI is proud to employ some of the highest quality technicians in the country.  Our service technicians have over 160 years of experience and receive factory certified training and re-certification from the multiple manufacturers that we represent.

While servicing our customers systems is their main responsibility, these fine technicians also are the people on call 7 x 24 x 365 to handle whatever emergency arises.  From low batteries, to a broken detector, to a discharge of a system our staff is ready to respond and make the repairs as needed to bring your system back to full operations as quickly as possible.


As we are in the fire suppression business, one of the most important needs of our customers is to have the agent that is required after a discharge in stock.  SSI has all of the major agents in stock at our facility.  Whether you need Halon, FM-200, ECARO-25 or NOVEC 1230, we have the agent and pride ourselves on having your system back in service within 24 hours after a discharge.  In most cases we have the systems back on line within hours.

“Trust is earned”  At SSI we have earned the trust of hundreds of clients since we began back in 1983, by providing them with the highest level of quality, integrity, honesty and good old fashion hard work.  Your company deserves nothing but the best and SSI strives to provide our customers with nothing less.

“Great service . . . It’s that simple!”