The Fike SHP PRO is a Conventional Control system designed to provide a sophisticated, reliable conventional detection system for use with clean agent extinguishing, sprinkler pre-action/deluge,
watermist, waterflow alarm and fire alarm systems. It is a microprocessor based system which can be easily configured for a wide range of suppression applications.

The SHP PRO is designed for use with Fike Clean Agent Fire Suppressant, CO2, or sprinkler (pre-action/deluge) suppression systems. The main controller contains all electronics required for a complete detection
and control system suitable for most applications. Optional modules, which plug into the main circuit board, are available to add increased functionality to the system.

The SHP PRO provides 10 Status LEDs (AC Normal, Alarm, PreDischarge, Release, Supervisory, Trouble, Panel Silenced, Abort, Release Disabled, Ground Fault) for instant feedback. A diagnostic LED display is provided to help troubleshoot any potential field problems, provide current status and retain stored events. A Reset and Silence switch is provided to allow control of the system outputs and operation.

The SHP PRO can be configured for either one or two conventional detection circuits. The detection circuits can be configured for sequential detection, cross zone or single detector release.

Depending on the configuration selected, the SHP PRO also provides up to three initiating circuits to monitor contact devices (Abort, Manual Release, Waterflow or Supervisory switches). Four different abort types are available including a special NYC option. All five initiating circuits can be converted to Class A operation via the SHP PRO Class A Input Module, P/N 10-2450. All SHP PRO initiating circuits are inherently power limited. A twelve position dip switch is used to set all options.

Three notification appliance circuits, rated for 2 amps @ 24 VDC are available. Depending on the configuration, each circuit will provide distinct signaling for Alarm, PreDischarge, or Release conditions.
Separate Agent Release and Solenoid circuits are provided to operate the suppression system. A dedicated Disable switch is provided for release and audible outputs. All output circuits, including solenoid and agent
release circuits, are power limited.

The SHP PRO provides dedicated alarm, trouble and supervisory SPDT contacts for annunciation and control. If additional outputs are required, up to two CRM4 Relay Modules can be added.