Water Mist & Hybrid Suppression Systems

Before we get into the three systems that SSI represents, let’s first understand how these systems work to control / extinguish fires.

How water mist fights the fire chemical process:

  • Inerting: Steam is created when water is evaporated. Steam is an inert gas which does not take part of the oxidation process. It therefore helps reduce the amount of oxygen in the vicinity of the fire, since it replaces the “normal” atmosphere. The more inert gas kept close to the fire, the better the performance is.
  • Cooling: The small water droplets are easily evaporated since they have a large surface area per volume water. When water is evaporated it costs energy and this energy is taken away from the fire. Since the energy source is removed from the fuel surface, no additional flammable gases can be created. Doing so enables the fire to suffocate itself.
  • Fuel Wetting: Some of the distributed water droplets will cover the fuel surface and prohibit flammable gases to be created, the more water distributed on the fuel, the more effective it becomes.