Fike’s Automatic Cannon Fire Suppression systems combine state of the art fire detection technologies with its advanced Robotic Nozzles to create the world’s fastest-acting, fully automatic fire fighting robots. These units can provide fire suppression using water or foam.

Using Fike’s fire detection system (such as flame, thermal radiometry or fiber optic linear heat detection) identifies a fire almost immediately upon ignition and will provide pointing data for the cannon.

Typically in under 15 seconds from a fire’s ignition, these systems directly target a fire with a high volume of water or foam, and automatically shut off when the fire has been extinguished.

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These automatic fire monitors are used to fight fires around the clock in many industries:

• Aircraft hangars

• Industrial and manufacturing buildings

• Water treatment facilities

• Waste and recycling facilities

• Coal storage applications

• Marine applications

• And many more

Waste & Recycling Facilities

Waste to Energy and Recycling facilities regularly experience fires. When not immediately detected and extinguished, these fires often result in catastrophic loss, including personal injury and even death, as well as devastating damage to the facilities and the environment.

The key to avoiding such losses is

  1. Rapid and reliable detection of fire or heat build-up; and
  2. Immediate fire suppression with a high volume of water or foam directly on and around the fire.

Waste Management Application Guide

Fike systems combine state-of-the-art fire detection technologies with cutting-edge electronic hardware and software, which guide our advanced robotic nozzles (aka remote control fire monitors) to aim a high volume of water or foam at and around the fire.

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