IR3 & UV/IR Optical Flame Detectors


Fast, Reliable Detection for Challenging, High-Risk Environments

Ultra-fast detection of hydrocarbon and hydrogen fires are possible with Fike optical flame detectors. Their resistance to weather conditions and false alarms, and ability to detect smoke and oil mist with Fike Video Analytics, make UV/IR optical detection ideal for high-risk environments.

Optical flame detectors identify fires and explosions in as few as 5 milliseconds and offer high visibility of up to 100 ft.

Various models of high-speed flame detectors include:

  • FLS-IR3: Detects hydrocarbon fuel and gas fires at long distances. With its triple spectrum design, it provides the highest immunity to false alarms.
  • FLS-IR3-H2: Detects invisible hydrogen (H2) gas fires at long distances. Its triple spectrum protects against false alarms.
  • FLS-UV-IR: A UV and IR detector that detects hydrocarbon-based fuel and gas fires, hydroxyl and hydrogen fires, as well as metal and inorganic fires. The UV sensor has a special logic circuit that prevents false alarms from solar radiation.
  • All optical flame detectors come with or without the HD Video option.

HD Video Camera Option

Each detector may be equipped with an additional HD camera, which provides…

  • clear imaging of fire and people at 100 ft. distance.
  • video recording of one minute pre-event and up to three minutes post-event
  • live video feed for safety personnel to view before entering a hazardous area (when connected to DVR/NVR).

Video Analytics Integration

Wouldn’t it be helpful if your UV/IR detectors could identify the traces of a fire before ignition occurs? Now they can with Fike Video Analytics.

Fike Video Analytics is the only fire detection software that can immediately identify not only flames but also smoke and oil mist before a significant fire occurs.

These capabilities are particularly helpful in power generation applications where oil mist is common and has the ability to reach hot surfaces, or in waste management facilities where the incipient stages of a fire are obstructed and may only be identified from a plume of smoke. Fike Video Analytics can quickly detect each of these hazards and signal an alarm to a fire panel or monitoring station.

The combination of UV/IR flame detection and Fike Video Analytics creates a powerful early-warning fire detection system capable of immediately identifying fires and traces of fires in the most difficult of environments.

To learn more on Video Analytics click here

Applications and Industries

This fast-acting technology is ideal for difficult-to-protect applications such as:

  • production areas
  • tank farms and product storage
  • loading and unloading facilities
  • hazard waste treatment and storage
  • processes with high temperatures, pressure and flammable fuels
  • pump rows
  • manifolds
  • hot oil systems
  • rail car loading racks
  • hydrocarbon filling and storage areas
  • chemical storage tanks
  • aircraft hangars

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