Suppression Systems Inc. (SSI) provides code compliant fire alarm systems by Fike Alarm Systems, as well as other leading manufacturers, for virtually any type of occupancy. We stand behind the products we sell and are eager to assist with your needs.


SSI and its staff are fully certified in most municipalities in PA, including the City of Philadelphia, and licensed in NJ and DE. Our NICET certified team provides unmatched service and support for the success of your project.

Consider the following products as you review your facility fire protection needs:


signifire_medOne of Fike’s newest products, the SigniFire Video Detection System is a state-of-the-art turnkey detection system which visually detects the presence of flame or smoke at its source, independent of airflow in the area. SigniFire represents a critical advantage for early warning fire detection, especially for challenging environments and open area venues. For more information click here for a PDF brochure on the SigniFire Video Detection System. You can also watch the movie below of the SigniFire Detection System in action, detecting flame and smoke in various commercial settings.



cybercatThe Fike CyberCat line of fire alarm panels offers state-of-the-art technology, speed, and intelligence, all in an affordable package. CyberCat 50 is well suited for smaller facilities and provides all the features of the larger system in an economical package. CyberCat 254 is a single loop panel capable of supporting 254 devices on one loop, ideal for mid-size facilities. For larger applications and high rise buildings, choose the CyberCat 1016. With four loops and the capability to support any mix of 1,016 devices, the 1016 offers the flexibility to support these complex projects. CyberCat is networkable via copper, fiber, or Ethernet and will support up to 128 nodes! For more information on the complete CyberCat product line click on the links below:


ivesmA voice evacuation life safety system is often a more effective, faster and safer means of evacuating and/or messaging occupants in an emergency. Fike’s Integrated Voice Evacuation and Messaging system is designed for distributed intelligence and ultimate survivability. Fully integrated into the CyberCat line of intelligent fire alarm panels, this modular voice evacuation system adds the benefits of voice messaging to any size application. Building occupants receive clear concise voice instructions pertaining to their specific location, proximity to the situation and emergency strategy – all delivered at the same time!


If your facility or project requires smoke control, look no further than Fike Alarm Systems and SSI. Fike’s intelligent control panels now provide integrated smoke control, available in two alternatives. Status and control of air handling equipment can be accomplished either from control switches integrated with the control panel or via a separate smoke control graphical panel. For more information on smoke control and the Fike’s intelligent control panels click on the links below:


Precise Vision and Precise Touch are two computer-based event management and graphics packages available from Fike. Precise Vision monitors all Fike intelligent alarm systems and provide facility managers up-to-the minute information on the status of the system. Precise Touch is designed for use in lobbies, front desk areas or exit areas. The attractive touch screen display allows first responders the capability to view the fire origin and determine its progression, as well as provide firefighter’s invaluable information to protect lives and property. For more information on the Precise Vision product line click here.



When high value assets, equipment or irreplaceable items are at stake, early warning of a smoke or fire problem, is essential. Compatible and complimentary to each of Fike’s fire alarm and fire suppression systems, VESDA® early warning smoke detection monitors the entire progression of a fire – easily detecting fire long before smoke is visible and long before any other forms of detection. With the world’s widest sensitivity range, VESDA air monitoring produces multi-level warnings at the very early stage of an impending fire. This provides the valuable time necessary to initiate a flexible, appropriate response.



thermocableSSI’s Linear Heat Detection (LHD) is a versatile and economical fire detection product. Designed for use in a wide variety of fire and heat detection applications, LHD cable is particularly suited for harsh environmental conditions, where maintenance access is in a physical or hazardous area, and/or where there is a requirement to cost-effectively install fire detection in close proximity to the hazard.

SSI’s Linear Heat Detection cable is a combination of advanced polymer and digital technologies that can detect heat conditions anywhere along the length of the cable. The cable is comprised of two tri-metallic conductors individually insulated with a heat sensitive polymer outer-layer, and engineered to break down at specific fixed temperatures. This allows the twisted conductors to make contact and initiate a fire alarm condition at the control panel, without any calibration for changes in the ambient temperature. Nor is it required that a specific length be heated in order to initiate a fire alarm, adding to the versatility of this unique product.

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