4 T UMAX PL-II V1.5 [4]
CO2 has long been recognized as an effective suppression agent in non-occupied environments, especially effective for local application protection of equipment. CO2 is an environmentally friendly, colorless, odorless, electrically non-conductive agent that continues to be used heavily in industrial applications.

The fire suppression agent works by removing oxygen from the environment of discharge, so precautions must be taken to minimize any exposure to life. The system discharges at high or low pressure, depending on system application and design. SSI is pleased to offer the Fike Products line of Co2 high-pressure fire suppression equipment, the Ansul line of low-pressure Co2 equipment, and the Firetrace line of equipment for protection of micro-environments.

CO2 Safety Data Sheet

SSI installed a Fike high-pressure CO2 system on a metal coating machine using a Fike SHP PRO control panel with thermal detection.  Watch the discharge test by clicking on the link below:

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