I must tell you, it was an extreme pleasure to work with SSI, as a company, and in particular, with the installation crew and Bruce. The experience, from start to finish, has been completely positive. Starting with working with Bruce in the initial discussions, through the walk through and planning, to the times the crew of Glenn and Mac were in the building installing, bringing up, and testing the system, everything was smooth and professional

Jim Harris ,BSA, Exton, PA

Bi-Directional Amplification System (BDA)

Quotes from our recent customer survey

“Extremely knowledgeable, professional organization”

They are a knowledgeable company that works for the customer

“Very professional and knowledgeable”

“Its a great company with a staff who knows what’s going on

“The staff are exceptionally skilled. Great company to work with”

Great Knowledge, Great Service…It’s That Simple!