Explosion vent panels are one of the most cost-effective solutions to prevent explosions from reaching their maximum pressures. When a deflagration occurs, and pressure builds within the vessel, vent panels serve at the weak point of the enclosure and provide an engineered pathway for expanding pressures and flames to escape.

Explosion vent burst indicators may be installed to signal to the process control system to shut down all process equipment to prevent further hazards and damage.

SSI uses explosion vents by Fike, one of the original manufacturers of NFPA-compliant explosion protection solutions.

Explosion Venting Features

  • Specific vents may be selected based on the application’s unique needs: hygienic and clean-in-place (CIP), high temperature, high vibrations, deep vacuum, pressure cycling and severe weather
  • Available in many shapes and sizes, allowing cost-effective installation on available vessel space
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance required with regular inspection
  • Non-fragmenting, as no parts are ejected during an explosion
  • NFPA 68 compliant

Fike Explosion Vent Panel Technologies

Fike offers many variations of vent panels, which can all be categorized under the following:

  • CV – reliable, general purpose technology for nearly all industrial applications
  • V-Max – Fike’s high performance Vmax vent features a single membrane, multi-dome surface that provides the longest service life for harsh conditions such as pulsating or cycling, higher operating pressures, and stronger vacuum.
  • Eleguard – for easy and weld-free installation on bucket elevators

Flameless Venting

Explosion venting must occur outside or be redirected outside with the use of vent ducting. If neither is possible, flameless venting units may be installed on top of vent panels to extinguish the flame, making venting inside safe and compliant with NFPA guidelines.

Flameless venting may be used for dusts such as:

  • Organic dusts and metal dusts with high flame temperature
  • Fine, coarse and fibrous dusts
  • Melting dusts

Fike’s flameless venting options include FlameQuench II (for round vents), FlameQuench II Square (for rectangular vents) and EleQuench (for Eleguard vents).

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