channel69Dust explosion is a very real threat to industries that manufacture products that release dust particles into the air. When air samples reach a concentrated level of particles and a ignition source is present, plant explosion occur, resulting in massive facility damage, serious injuries and employee deaths. This does not have to happen. SSI designs, installs and supports explosion detection systems, that monitors air samples for potential explosive levels. We then design a system for your specific needs so your facility does not have to experience a explosion that is entirely avoidable. Click on the image above to watch the Channel 69 News coverage of this local explosion.  Click here to review SSI’s Explosion Decision Matrix, an easy to follow flowchart which demonstrates how SSI can provide you with – “Great service . . . It’s that simple!”

Statement from Dupont concerning DuPont FE-25

Please click here to view a PDF from DuPont addressing confusion in the market place concerning the acceptable use of DuPont FE-25 .