SSI uses HRD (high-rate discharge) suppression containers from Fike, one of the world’s original manufacturers of NFPA/ATEX-compliant active explosion protection solutions which are tested, validated and proven to work when called upon.

When a deflagration occurs within a vessel, explosion suppression may be required instead of venting. This occurs when dust explosibility characteristics are too high or when post-explosion fires or downtime must be minimized.

HRDs have two main purposes: to absorb the heat generated by the incipient explosion and to inert the unburned portion of the dust cloud. The patented HRD suppressant containers are specifically engineered. They reduce the time required to inject and disperse the agent, and to suppress the explosion.

HRD Features

  • Patented 90-degree elbow and large zero-restriction nozzle opening delivers suppressant faster, reducing overall damage to vessel
  • Gas Cartridge Actuators reduce cost of ownership with a 10-year service life, and are easily removed for maintenance
  • Field refurbishable, meaning HRD units may return to normal operating conditions more quickly and cost effectively than competing suppression units
  • Uses safe dry chemical powders, including sodium bicarbonate (also available in food grade), Monoammonium Phosphate, and a water-based agent
  • FM approved

Nozzle Types

A variety of nozzle types may be used for specific applications and situations:

  • Standard – Most cost effective; protrudes into process
  • Telescopic – Flush with process; extends into process when activated
  • Short-Throw – Flat, one-directional, non-intrusive spreader; intended for isolation of ductwork 
  • Free Telescopic Spreader – Moves while bottle remains fixed; suitable for vibrating equipment 
  • 3-Inch Radial Telescopic Spreader – Consumes minimal equipment space; suitable for bucket elevator heads and boots

Explosion protection is important to your business. Finding the solutions to your explosion protection needs is something we have been doing since 2004. Our customers have found that they can trust the experience, knowledge, honesty, integrity and ethics of SSI’s sales team. We invite you to contact one of the members of this team to discuss how SSI can protect your employee’s life safety and your valuable assets for the continued operation and success of your company. Contact us or call 1-800-360-0687 for a System Sales and Design Consultant to assist you with your needs.

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