Victaulic VortexTM is a hybrid high velocity low pressure dual fluid system capable of making water particles less than 10 microns in size. The suppression system shall incorporate separate pressurized streams of nitrogen and water which are combined and discharged as a hybrid inert gas micro mist into the fire hazard. The nitrogen gas and water shall be combined at the emitter outlet to atmosphere, where the nitrogen stream shall be approximately 25 psig and the water stream to the emitter shall mix to create a homogenous suspension of nitrogen and water by imbedding the water molecules into the nitrogen molecules The fire extinguishing system’s primary mechanism shall lower the flame temperature (by heat absorption due to the vaporization of the fine water particles) to the point where combustion cannot continue to exist. While this system does lower oxygen in the protected area it is safe for humans to be in the area during a discharge.  NFPA Standards require that anyone in the room vacate within 5 minutes. The NFPA is currently writing a new standard (NFPA 770) which will include the Victaulic VortexTM system.

The Victaulic VortexTM  system can protect a Class A fire using a 5/8” Emitter discharging .26 gallons of water per minute. The Victaulic VortexTM system can protect a Class B fire using a 1/2” Emitter discharging 1.06 gallons of water per minute.  The use of less water helps in any concern for contaminated water runoff where sprinkler systems require containment systems.  The Victaulic VortexTM system will discharge for 3 minutes in a Class A fire and 5 minutes in a Class B fire. The Victaulic VortexTM system does not require a door fan pressure test as is required with clean agent systems. The system is 100% Green and environmentally friendly utilizing nitrogen as the inert gas and water.  To learn more about the Vortex System, click here for a PDF, or watch the video below.

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