SSI’s fire alarm, explosion protection and suppression sales staffs have over 130 years of experience in our field. They have designed and sold some of the most complex systems in our country.  Our staff is continually educated on the latest equipment as well as attending certification classes by the manufacturers on the products that we represent.  Our staff is actively involved in both local and national industry organizations and can be found speaking at seminars along with presenting at lunch and learns with topics current to today’s fire alarm/protection equipment.  Our knowledge of the industry provides a level of trust to our clients and business partners that makes this sales team second to none.

Our customers have found that they can trust the experience, honesty, integrity and ethics of SSI’s sales team. We invite you to contact one of the members of this team to discuss how SSI can protect your employee’s life safety and your valuable assets for the continued operation and success of your company.  Contact us at or 1-800-360-0687 for a System Sales and Design Consultant to perform a needs analysis at your facility.

Training Sessions – Electronic Systems

SSI’s Business Development Manager provides many training sessions for engineers/architects on the multiple products shown on our website.  Each presentation is 50 – 55 minutes in length and come with Personal Development Hour (PDU) Certificates.  A sample of the classes we offer are:

Fire Detection Technologies & Applications – “Fire Detection 101” This presentation reviews types for fire detection products from heat detectors introduced in the 1860’s to Video Detection Imaging and everything in between. We will discuss how each operates and applications where they may be used.

Autocall Fire Alarm Systems –Autocall has an interesting backstory, in that it was originally founded in 1908, but the name disappeared after the 2001 Simplex/Tyco merger. It was not until November of 2017, after the Johnson Controls/Simplex acquisition that Johnson Controls made the decision to bring back the Autocall name, and use re-branded, non-cross-compatible devices and panels Simplex currently has on the market.  Simplex can be considered the JCI ‘factory store’ and Autocall is provided by independent distributorship.

Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES) – An Emergency Radio Communications Enhancement System (ERCES) or commonly referred to as a Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) system is a Life Safety System, like a fire alarm system. Emergency Responders – Firefighters, Police and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) rely on two-way radios operating on public safety frequencies for communications in every day operations. When radio signals going into and out of buildings are weakened by structures such as concrete, Low-E glass windows, metal, underground, and additional materials impacting radio signals, emergency radio communications can become unreliable with lack of in-building public safety radio coverage. Codes require an approved level of radio coverage which can be achieved by enhancing the in-building radio frequency signal coverage with an ERCES.  Our presentation will provide information on the new codes along with the design and equipment required.

Video Analytics Smoke & Flame Detection

Optical detection has progressed significantly in the past number of years.  Fike Video Analytics is the only fire detection software that can immediately identify not only flames but also smoke and oil mist before a significant fire occurs. Ultra-fast detection of hydrocarbon and hydrogen fires is possible with optical flame detectors. Their resistance to weather conditions and false alarms, makes optical detection ideal for high-risk environments.  This presentation is applicable for those in both the fire protection field and the electrical departments designing fire alarm systems.

Training Sessions – Fire Suppression Systems

Clean Agent Fire Protection Systems Update – “Clean Agents 101” Since the removal of Halon from the market there are many questions about clean agents. What are the differences between the different clean agent systems?  How does each work?  Are they safe?  Which is the most cost effective? Will they have restrictions in the future? What is the difference between man-made agents and natural agents?  This presentation reviews the multiple agents in the market today and answers all these questions and more.

Inert “Green” Fire Suppression System – Many customers today are looking for environmentally friendly products.  In the fire suppression industry, ProInert2 is the green choice as it is comprised of naturally occurring gases and has no effect on our environment.  During this presentation we will discuss natural agents on the market that extinguish the fire, leave no residue, and then goes right back into the air we breathe.  Also included is information covering the AIM Act and PFAS.

DuraQuench Pro Pumped Water Mist System – DuraQuench Pro offers reliable, eco-friendly fire suppression that avoids current market forces around chemical agents, the AIM Act, PFAS, etc., and the damaging effects of a traditional discharged sprinkler system in environments with mission-critical resources and irreplaceable assets. DuraQuench Pro supports deluge systems ideal for industrial environments and closed-head systems for data centers and light hazards, including apartments, office buildings, churches, museums, and more. When connected to a building’s water supply, DuraQuench can provide an unlimited discharge duration and can protect nearly unlimited volumes with 50 to 75% less water than a conventional sprinkler system.

Victaulic Vortex Hybrid Fire Suppression – Victaulic Vortex is a dual agent fire extinguishing system designed for use in water sensitive facilities from data centers to power generation plants. This advanced fire protection system resolves issues inherent in most other systems for facilities with contents that could be destroyed or rendered inoperable by water damage.  Through water droplets smaller than white blood cells and a naturally occurring gas – Nitrogen, discharged from an emitter, Victaulic Vortex hybrid fire suppression system efficiently absorbs heat and reduces oxygen to extinguish fires.

Contact us or call 1-800-360-0687 to schedule a training session.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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