SSI’s fire alarm, explosion protection and suppression sales staffs have over 130 years of experience in our field. They have designed and sold some of the most complex systems in our country.  Our staff is continually educated on the latest equipment as well as attending certification classes by the manufacturers on the products that we represent.  Our staff is actively involved in both local and national industry organizations and can be found speaking at seminars along with presenting at lunch and learns with topics current to today’s fire alarm/protection equipment.  Our knowledge of the industry provides a level of trust to our clients and business partners that makes this sales team second to none.

Our customers have found that they can trust the experience, honesty, integrity and ethics of SSI’s sales team. We invite you to contact one of the members of this team to discuss how SSI can protect your employee’s life safety and your valuable assets for the continued operation and success of your company.  Contact us at or 1-800-360-0687 for a System Sales and Design Consultant to perform a needs analysis at your facility.

Training Sessions – Electronic Systems

SSI’s Business Development Manager provides many training sessions for engineers/architects on the multiple products shown on our website.  Each presentation is 50 – 55 minutes in length and come with Personal Development Hour (PDU) Certificates.  A sample of the classes we offer are:

Fire Detection Technologies & Applications – “Fire Detection 101” This presentation reviews types for fire detection products from heat detectors introduced in the 1860’s to Video Detection Imaging and everything in between. We will discuss how each operates and applications where they may be used.

Autocall Fire Alarm Systems – You know the name “Simplex” but did you know the alternative fire alarm system that their parent company JCI provides? JCI supplies both internal and external channels with various product lines.  The “Internal” channel are the local Simplex Branch  locations. The “External” channel is a new Independent Distributor Network. This new distribution model was applied to the Global Fire Detection Product division in an effort to reach customers outside of the established internal detection channel. Equal to all JCI detection channels, these external partners receive the highest quality factory training, technical and engineering support.

Emergency Communications / Mass Notification Systems – How do you take the code required fire alarm systems and expand them into ones that provide emergency communications to everyone in the facility, campus or industrial complex? With the need to get information out to everyone quickly, this presentation will provide many ways to deal with the notification of the many different types of emergencies from fire to weather to intruder to terrorism.

Video Analytics Smoke & Flame Detection – This camera provides detection of fire and smoke faster than any of the traditional detection methods.  Where all of the standard devices require the smoke or flame to come to them, this technology goes to the fire. In tests on the camera with other devices, 88% of the time the video feed sent the in alarm first.  This product can be used in commercial, industrial and educational facilities.  The presentation is for those in both the fire protection field and the electrical side designing fire alarm systems.

Training Sessions – Fire Suppression Systems

Clean Agent Fire Protection Systems Update – “Clean Agents 101” Since the removal of Halon from the market there are many questions about clean agents. What are the differences between the different clean agent systems?  How does each work?  Are they safe?  Which is the most cost effective? Will they have restrictions in the future? What is the difference between man-made agents and natural agents?  This presentation reviews the multiple agents in the market today and answers all these questions and more.

ProInert2 “Green” Fire Suppression System – Many today are looking for environmentally friendly products.  In the fire suppression industry, ProInert2 is the choice as it is 100% green and has no effect on our environment.  Using a 50/50 blend of Nitrogen and Argon, this agent extinguishes the fire in seconds leaving no residue and then goes right back into the air we breathe

DuraQuench Pumped Water Mist System –The Fike DuraQuench system is a Low Pressure Water Mist system that eliminates the obstacles typically associated with High Pressure systems. The heart of the DuraQuench system is a skid-mounted pump, electric motor and pump controller that can be directly connected to a building’s water supply, as well as to a tank or reservoir where adequate water supply may not be available. When connected to a building’s water supply, DuraQuench can provide an unlimited discharge duration and can protect nearly unlimited volumes with 50 to 75% less water than a conventional sprinkler system.

Victaulic Vortex Hybrid Fire Suppression – Victaulic Vortex combines nitrogen and .026 to 1.06 gallons per minute of water to extinguish fires effectively without major water damage from the typical sprinkler systems or requiring the room integrity of a clean agent system.  Water droplets are up to 100 times smaller than water particles delivered by a traditional water mist system, providing 50% improved heat absorption and total extinguishing.  Nearly zero water residue in protected areas means there is no water damage after the fire is extinguished.

Contact us or call 1-800-360-0687 to schedule a training session.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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