Fire Suppression

Q – “I have a Halon 1301 system. Do I need to remove it from my facility”?

A – Currently, no laws or regulations exist that require customer’s to remove existing Halon 1301 systems from operation. However, many companies are voluntarily upgrading to more environmentally-friendly alternative suppression agents, such as HFC-125 / ECARO-25® or HFC-227ea / FM200 or FK-5-1-12 / NOVEC 1230.  For those looking for 100% GREEN fire suppression we offer IG-55 and IG-541 Inert Agents.

Q – “If my Halon 1301 system discharges, can it be recharged with Halon”?

While Halon 1301 is banned from new manufacture, existing Halon reserves may be used to recharge existing Halon systems that have discharged. Halon is prohibited from use in NEW suppression agent systems, and an alternative agent, such as HFC-125 /  ECARO-25 or HFC-227ea / FM200, FK-5-1-12 / NOVEC 1230 or an Inert Agent must be utilized.

Q – “I no longer want Halon in my facility. What can I do with it”?

A – SSI has a program whereas we will remove Halon from your facilty and work with our partner companies to ensure that the Halon is disposed of in an approved and environmentally-sound manner.

Q – “Can SSI work with me to replace my Halon with another agent, yet provide minimal disturbance to my facility”?

A – Absolutely. ECARO-25 was developed to be a drop-in agent for Halon replacement. While no agent on the market is a direct pound-for-pound replacement for Halon, ECARO-25 provides the best available direct replacement. Any system piping modifications are generally minor, and in many cases, the only components that need to be changed are the tank and nozzles. Email us at or call us at 1-800-360-0687 for a professional evaluation.

Q – “How can I be sure that SSI will take care of my needs?”

A – SSI’s executive management and operating staff consists of the same individuals who’ve been at SSI for many years. We are a stand-alone, self-sufficient entity under the world-wide Fike umbrella, with sister US companies in the mid-west and California coast. We are committed to ensuring premier service and support to all our clients, now more than ever. In fact, we can now offer a direct link to manufacturer resources that were never possible in the past, which may in fact result in a better relationship and overall project experience between SSI and our client / customer base. This relationship offers the best of both worlds. A respected, approachable, hands-on company recognized with outstanding service and support for over 35 years, and the backing of a multi-million dollar parent recognized as the premier manufacturer in the fire and safety industry. It makes sense to us.

Q – “How does SSI pricing compare to other companies working in the suppression industry”?

A – SSI has the distinction of being recognized as one of the best in customer service, support and delivery in the suppression industry, yet we have been able to hold pricing inline with industry standards. Our pricing is fair and in accord with other respected industry contractors, and in virtually all cases, a much better value when considering experience and critical support.

Q – “If I have a discharge, can SSI refill my suppression tank”?

A – SSI warehouses thousands of pounds of certified suppression agents in our Lehigh County headquarters, from HFC-125 / ECARO-25 to HFC-227ea / FM200 to Halon 1301 reserves and equivalents. We utilize a dual station arrangement, allowing us to recharge multiple tanks simultaneously. Our recharge agents are purchased directly from US suppliers or manufacturers. We won’t directly “import” cheap agents from foreign territories where critical quality control measures may not be in place, like many large recharging warehouses or agent banking centers.

Our recharging abilities stand unmatched within the industry, and we are respected enough to have many of our local competitors bring their clients tanks to us for recharging. We generally have discharged systems back online within a matter of hours, and even the largest discharges are handled quickly and effectively.

Q – “I have a new system, supplied by another company. They used one manufacturer for the control panel, another for the suppression tanks, another for my abort and manual release, etc. Is this an acceptable practice”?

A – New codes and regulations require that systems be of a “like manufacturer”. Unfortunately, some companies continue to “mix and match” system components for their own cost benefit, with no regard for the end-user of the system, or more importantly, the legal listings and use of the product. SSI recommends that engineers and customers alike be diligent and not accept this practice of unlisted component systems to ensure that code requirements are being met.

Fire Alarm

Q – What does Fike offer in Fire Alarm applications that I’ve not seen before”?

A – Speed. Speed and accuracy. While new to the Fire Alarm industry, Fike has taken years of detection and control experience and molded it into the fastest-responding control system in the industry. Teaming with System Sensor’s Eclipse protocol, the Fike CyberCat Fire Alarm system is unmatched in the current marketplace.

Q – “Can Fike’s fire alarm and suppression products be combined at my facility”?

A – Absolutely. Never before has one premier manufacturer offered the unique ability to manage your entire facility. From complete building fire alarm and detection systems, including smoke evacuation, to isolated clean agent suppression in data and control rooms, to the actual process floor with industrial and explosion hazard risks, SSI can bring you what you’ve needed in a centrally-based, all inclusive, fully integrated package.

Q – “I’ve heard that you offer the best warranty program in the fire alarm and suppression industry. How does it work”?

A – Quite simply, upon final certification of your SSI-installed system, sign and agree to a semi-annual inspection agreement (suppression) or annual inspection agreement (fire alarm) for five years, signed within 30 days, and your Fike parts warranty will expand from 1 year to 5 years. SSI must be retained as your inspecting and servicing agent for the duration of the warranty, and associated labor costs will be incurred after the 1st year. However, parts are covered for the entire 5-year term. Limitations and exclusions may apply, so consult your warranty document for details or contact SSI’s office.

Explosion Protection

Q – “I’ve never had an explosion. Why would I need an explosion protection system”?

A – Our explosion protection systems protect lives, they protect livelihoods, and they offer piece of mind. Never before have we witnessed the awareness to explosion risks, as we have within the last 15 years in America. If you’ve got a manufacturing process, you’ve most likely got an inherent risk to your employees and your business from explosion. The first step in finding out is a hazard analysis. Fike offers a wide range of both standard and non-standard explosibility tests designed to assist companies in identifying and mitigating most explosion hazards.

Q – “How does an explosion suppression system work so effectively”?

A – In brief, our systems monitor the pressures of an impending explosion and suppress the explosion before it occurs. Once discharged, the system can be quickly and effectively recharged to allow production to resume. For more indepth information visit our Explosion Suppression page.

Q – “What is explosion venting”?

A – Venting is the key word. Specially designed vents are installed to “absorb” the power of an explosion. Venting does not suppress the explosion from happening, but limits the volatility to reduced, acceptable levels by opening up and relieving pressure. The vent can be replaced and production can resume.