Today, more than ever, there are many types of hazards in our facilities. By focusing on each and every application and process, we will work with you to determine the most practical and cost-effective method of protecting your process and facility along with meeting the most recent requirements of NFPA, OSHA, and your Insurance provider. But the first step is recognizing the risk, and understanding your options.

To assist you with understanding Explosion Protection, we have made up a matrix: Explosion Protection Decision Matrix

Combustible Dust Explosions:

If your company creates or handles dust during any phase of your process, you most likely are at risk for an explosion.

In the first half of 2020, all of the fatalities recorded occurred due to dust explosions.  Of the injuries, 76% occurred due to explosions and 24% due to fires.  Data from for incidents in the US between 2016 and 202 tells us that the is an average of 31 dust explosions per year, 29 injuries and 2.4 fatalities over the time frame. (Note that fires are excluded in this analysis).  A wood chipping fire in Ramseur, NC caused $2M in damages.  A paper product fire in Mooresville, NC caused $2M in damages. Combustible dust is a major concern for many.

The industries involved in the first six moths of the 2020 incidents were:

The equipment that were involved:

Here at SSI, by focusing on each and every application and process, we work with you to determine the most practical and cost effective method of protecting your process and facility, and in keeping with the most recent requirements of NFPA, OSHA, and your Insurance provider. But the first step is recognizing the risk, and understanding your options.

To learn more about how SSI and Fike can protect your facility with Combustible Dust Explosion Protection Systems.

Combustible Dust Testing:

As a subsidiary of Fike Corporation in Blue Springs, MO, SSI has access to an unmatched wealth of knowledge, experience, and technology. A leading explosion protection equipment manufacturer, Fike has a state-of-the-art explosion testing laboratory to help verify the correct protection strategies for your plant by defining the specific characteristics of your dust. Learn more

Detection and Control:

Though sophisticated, the modular design, small size, global compatibility and pre-configured set-ups make Fike’s explosion detection and control system easy to install, program and use. Learn more

Explosion Isolation:

Fike’s effective Explosion Isolation systems detect and mechanically or chemically block the flame pathways, preventing the spread of an explosion from one part of the process to another.  Learn more

Explosion Suppression:

Fike Explosion Suppression systems are designed to detect and chemically suppress an explosion in its earliest (incipient) stages to prevent the development of destructive pressures or catastrophic.  Learn more

Explosion Venting and Flameless Venting:

Explosion Vents are the most commonly used form of explosion protection. Fike is a leader in the development of effective, cost-efficient, ATEX certified explosion venting solutions. It is often necessary to locate process equipment indoors, making passive explosion venting difficult or impossible. Fike has developed several Flameless Explosion Venting solutions that allow you to safely and economically protect equipment, without the need to relocate process machinery or the use of expensive duct work.  Learn more

Hygienic / Sanitary Explosion Venting:

From explosion venting to active explosion protection systems, Fike has the right high-performance products for all your sanitary, CIP/SIP and industrial applications. Learn more

The bottom line is, until you have implemented one or more of the techniques outlined above on your process, YOU ARE AT RISK! SSI can help you develop the most cost effective, practical and reliable explosion protection approach for your specific process, and we look forward to working with you! For a copy of our “Explosion Protection Decision Matrix” to assist you in taking the first steps toward developing the right approach for your needs, click here.


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