SSI will send your material for testing to Fike where their state-of-the-art explosion testing laboratory to help verify the correct protection strategies for your plant by defining the specific characteristics of your dust.

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Our roadmap to Combustible Dust Testing is a simple process involving 3 steps.

Step #1: Contact SSI

Step #2: Collect and ship a sample of your product to the Combustion Test Lab.

Step #3: Receive a detailed report containing your test results.

Our testing capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Explosibility Screening Test (20L and 1m³)
  • Dust Explosibility Test (20L and 1m³)
  • Limiting Oxidant Concentration
  • Minimum Ignition Energy
  • Minimum Dust Layer Ignition Temperature
  • Particle Size Analysis
  • Large Scale, custom process simulations

Once we’ve identified the characteristics of your dust, we’ll take a detailed look at your process to determine the correct explosion protection techniques to adequately protect your vessels and processes.

Dust testing is important to your business. Finding the solutions to your needs is something we have been doing since 1983. Our customers have found that they can trust the experience, knowledge, honesty, integrity and ethics of SSI’s sales team. For more information on how to schedule a test, please Contact us or call 800-360-0687 and a member of our team will assist you with your needs.

Great Knowledge, Great Service…It’s That Simple!