Fike SHP Pro Conventional Control Panel

The Fike SHP PRO is a Conventional Control system designed to provide a sophisticated, reliable conventional detection system for use with clean agent extinguishing, sprinkler pre-action/deluge, watermist, waterflow alarm and fire alarm systems. It is a microprocessor based system which can be easily configured for a wide range of suppression applications.

This panel is the workhorse for system SSI installs for single zone applications with clean agents. The panel also allows for release of a pre-action sprinkler system in the same hazard.

The SHP PRO is designed for use with Fike Clean Agent Fire Suppressant, CO2, or sprinkler (pre-action/deluge) suppression systems. The main controller contains all electronics required for a complete detection and control system suitable for most applications. Optional modules, which plug into the main circuit board, are available to add increased functionality to the system.

The SHP PRO provides 10 Status LEDs (AC Normal, Alarm, PreDischarge, Release, Supervisory, Trouble, Panel Silenced, Abort, Release Disabled, Ground Fault) for instant feedback. A diagnostic LED display is provided to help troubleshoot any potential field problems, provide current status and retain stored events. A Reset and Silence switch is provided to allow control of the system outputs and operation.

The SHP PRO can be configured for either one or two conventional detection circuits. The detection circuits can be configured for sequential detection, cross zone or single detector release.

Fike Cheetah Xi Intelligent Control Panel


Fike’s Cheetah Xi is a state-of-the-art true intelligent digital peer-to-peer modular suppression control system. It is ideal for all life safety and property protection applications, and is intended for both commercial and industrial use. It is designed with extensive programmability that allows the almost instantaneous relay of information and the ability to perform process management tasks with ease including HVAC shutdowns, Emergency Voice Evacuation, damper control, door closure, elevator recall, security, and CCTV/Building Management Awareness.

In just ten seconds, profound loss can occur. That’s why Fike designed Cheetah Xi detection and suppression panels to respond faster than the industry requires. With a Cheetah Xi system in your facility, the response time between the initiation of an alarm to the activation of output devices occurs in as little as one-quarter second.

The Cheetah Xi gives you the freedom to design the ideal system for your facility. The 1016 system comes standard with two Signaling Line Circuits (expandable to four loops) that support 254 devices each. And you can network up to 128 Cheetah Xi’s and/or the Fike CyberCat fire alarm panels, for up to any combination of 130,048 sensors and modules!

Fike Cheetah Xi 50 Intelligent Control Panel

Fike’s Cheetah Xi 50 is a state-of-the-art true intelligent digital peer-to-peer modular suppression control system. It is ideal for all life safety and property protection applications, and is intended for both commercial and industrial use.

This cost-effective panel comes standard with one Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) that support 50 devices, with any mix and match of sensors and modules. The Cheetah Xi 50 utilizes extreme intelligence via its Eclipse® based sensors including photoelectric, photoelectric with heat, photoelectric duct, and heat detectors. It also utilizes Eclipse based modules such as the monitor, mini-monitor, relay, intelligent pull station, releasing and control modules

Both the Cheetah Xi and Cheetah Xi 50 are listed and approved for release of clean agent and pre-action systems.

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