Emergency Communication / Mass Notification Systems

The E3 Series®, provides the most survivable, cost effective, and customizable Emergency Communication System for both your fire alarm and mass notification needs. As specified in the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC), the E3 Series protects life and property by indicating the existence of an emergency situation and providing “real time” instructions to a large number of people whether inside a building or spread out over a large complex, campus or multi-building facility.

While the purpose of a fire alarm system is to evacuate the building safely in the event of a fire, a mass notification system (MNS) is designed to keep occupants informed of the type of emergency and direct them on what to do and where to go. However, they share a common goal – to warn people of danger and provide information to stay safe.

For this reason, the NFPA 72 code now recommends the use of a single integrated combination Emergency Communication System (ECS). The E3 Series complies with NFPA 72 and is also designed to meet the combined system requirements as outlined in the proposed UL 2572 Standard. Not only will a combined fire alarm and mass notification system offer substantial cost savings advantages, but the new standards allow for better coordination of the systems functions, which is vital in minimizing confusion and panic during emergency conditions.

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