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FE-25 / ECARO-25®

pipinglayoutECARO-25 is an electrically non-conductive, non-corrosive fire suppression agent that is free of residue, has zero ozone-depletion potential and is an environmentally preferred suppressant. The ECARO-25 fire suppression system requires 20% less agent per cubic foot/meter than FM200 systems. ECARO-25’s superior properties allow use of smaller diameter piping over long distances, creating a more cost-effective system.

To suppress fire, an ECARO-25 fire suppression system relies upon its ability to absorb the heat energy from the combustion reaction at the molecular level. The ability to absorb heat faster than the amount of heat generated by the combustion reaction essentially ceases the reaction since it cannot sustain itself. The ability of ECARO-25 to form free radicals, which chemically interfere with the chain reaction of the combustion process, also aids in the extinction of the fire.

ECARO-25 and FM200 fire protection systems have identical extinguishing mechanisms, however the physical properties of ECARO-25 makes it superior to FM200 by way of design, agent quantity and overall environmental impact. The ECARO-25 agent is stored in sealed cylinders in a liquid state, and discharges through nozzles attached to a piping network, activated by a comprehensive control system that includes automatic smoke detection. The ECARO-25 agent and associated system components are UL Listed and FM approved, and you can read more about it here. SSI offers ECARO-25 clean agent fire suppression through our quality line of Fike Products.

HFC-227ea / FM200

fm200installIntroduced as an alternative to ozone-depleting Halon agents, HFC-227ea/FM200 garnered quick attention and industry acceptance as the next, great fire suppression agent. HFC-227ea/FM200 is an odorless, colorless, liquefied compressed gas, which discharges as an electrically non-conductive, clear vapor. HFC-227ea/FM200 extinguishes fire by a combination of chemical and physical mechanisms.

It has zero ozone-depleting potential, low global warming potential, and a short atmospheric lifetime. The HFC-227ea/FM200 agent is stored in sealed cylinders in a liquid state, and discharges through nozzles attached to a piping network, activated by a comprehensive control system that includes automatic smoke detection. The HFC-227ea/FM200 agent and associated system components are UL Listed and FM approved. SSI offers HFC-227ea/FM200 clean agent fire suppression systems through our quality line of Fike Products, and our micro-environment Firetrace Protection Systems. You can read about Firetrace Server Room Systems here.


ProInert® (IG-55)

proinertInert gas systems are a safe, natural way to extinguish fire. ProInert is different from other manufacturer inerting systems because the superior design of the cylinder valve automatically reduces the pressure of the entinguishant at discharge. This means the elimination of expensive high-pressure piping, using smaller diameter, low-pressure piping from container to nozzle, reducing costs. The necessary venting area is also significantly reduced in size, garnering savings of up to 60% on venting hardware.

The agent is a blend of naturally occurring Argon and Nitrogen gases, which results in zero ozone-depleting and global warming potential. Recharge is also far less costly than other suppression agents, and is readily available from major gas supply companies. ProInert agent is stored in sealed cylinders, and discharges through nozzles attached to a piping network, activated by a comprehensive control system that includes automatic smoke detection. ProInert agent and associated system components are UL Listed and FM approved. SSI offers ProInert inert gas fire protection through our quality line of Fike Products, and you can read more about it here.

VORTEX (Hybrid Extinguishing System)

The Vortex fire extinguishing system generates a hybrid liquid and gaseous agent delivery system to suppress fire, while wetting is kept to minimal levels. It is designed for rooms and enclosures where no special sealing, construction or hold-time requirements are necessary. The system is a 100% “Green”, eco-friendly design utilizing inert gas and water. The exceptionally small water droplets remove the heat from large fires, and aid in the radiative and convective heat blocking. The homogenous suspension of Nitrogen and water are equally emitted in high velocity at the molecular level to extinguish.

The system is discharged from tanks through a piping network to emitters, which control the suspension flow. The system is activated by a fire control panel with detection devices. The Vortex system should not be confused with water-mist systems currently on the market, which utilize larger water droplets to extinguish and create a much larger “wet footprint”. SSI is proud to be one of the first distributors in the nation to offer this exciting new product from our friends at Victaulic. To learn more about the Vortex System, click here for a PDF, or watch the video below.



co2CO2 has long been recognized as an effective suppression agent in non-occupied environments, especially effective for local application protection of equipment. CO2 is an environmentally friendly, colorless, odorless, electrically non-conductive agent that continues to be used heavily in industrial applications.

The fire suppression agent works by removing oxygen from the environment of discharge, so precautions must be taken to minimize any exposure to life. The system discharges at high or low pressure, depending on system application and design. SSI is pleased to offer the Fike Products line of Co2 high-pressure fire suppression equipment, the Ansul line of low-pressure Co2 equipment, and the Firetrace line of equipment for protection of micro-environments.


micro_mistWater-mist suppression systems utilize a fine mist to extinguish fires quickly, with limited residual water. In fact, the MicroMist suppression system releases 100X less water than traditional sprinkler systems, yet effectively suppresses fire, resulting in less run-off, damage and much easier clean-up. The system is naturally environmentally safe, non-toxic, and people friendly. The system can be used for total compartment protection of machinery spaces, compartmentalized gas turbine generators, and many other applications. The Micromist suppression system is offered through Fike Products.





SSI was the FIRST distributor of Firetrace equipment in the nation. The system provides cost-effective, stand-alone, automatic fire protection for critical equipment, electrical/technical systems and various types of enclosures. The system utilizes proprietary Firetrace tubing which detects a fire due to temperature sensitivity, allowing for a quick and effective discharge. The tubing can be run through small or complex enclosures to provide accurate fire detection and suppression for a wide variety of critical locations.

Typical applications include CNC machines, Fume Hoods, electrical enclosures, server rack cabinets and auto engine compartments. The versatile fire suppression system utilizes several agent options including FM200, Co2, Dry Chemical, FE-25 and more. The system requires NO electrical source, making it an ideal stand-alone suppression product for your specialized needs or an ideal supplemental protection system. To learn more about Firetrace products, click here.

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The video explains the evolution of Clean Agent Systems.