SSI hired our first installer in 1984, that employee is still with our company today. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in our installation department. Some of
these technicians have been installing fire protection systems for over 100 years!! Our installers pride themselves on providing our customers with nothing short of excellence. They have built some strong relationship with some key customers that has resulted in recurring business for SSI. It is not uncommon for installers to work in some extreme conditions, rain, sleet, snow & freezers at temperatures’ below -10F.

As SSI is located in an area where often the project requires union labor.  We have relationships with several local union electrical and mechanical companies that can provide the manpower required.

Room Construction for Clean Agent Systems

The construction of the room and proper sealing is important for the clean agent fire suppression system to work properly.  We have two pages on our site that provide information to assist our customers to assure proper room integrity is obtained.

Design Considerations for Special Hazard Areas

Proper Room Sealing of Clean Agent Systems

Commissioning Technicians

Our commissioning technician works closely with our customers. They test and verify all aspects of the fire protection system. As a result we certify they are operating properly and meet SSI’s standard of quality. They also spend time educating customers on the details of their system. Allow the customer to understand how it interacts with their equipment and personnel. These technicians are our last “line of defense” to provide you an excellent system that meets all specification and is code compliant.

Great Knowledge, Great Service… It’s That Simple!