Certain applications require the use of active explosion protection devices, such as suppression bottles or fast-acting gate valves. An explosion detection and control system is required in these scenarios to both identify ignition and activate connected explosion mitigation systems.

SSI uses the Fike EPACO system from Fike, one of the world’s original manufacturers of NFPA/ATEX-compliant active explosion protection solutions which are tested, validated and proven to work when called upon.

Equipped with the flexibility to protect one or multiple zones, Fike’s EPACO modular detection and control systems are pre-configured to recognize the beginning stages of a deflagration and quickly make decisions to protect the process from a devastating explosion. 

Equipment Features

  • Explosion Protection Controller (EPC) – continuously monitors the protected hazard, reacts to incipient explosions and actuates suppression or active isolation systems.
    • Easily programmable
    • System status LEDs and PC connection offers system status, history and pressure readings
  • Power Supply (PSU) – provides complete supervision of all power wiring to explosion protection system components.
    • Battery backup to continue protection during power outages
    • May be remotely mounted, separate from hazardous areas

  • Annunciator Module (AM) – allows for quick retrieval of history information, real-time pressure readings and control of EPC and PSU operation.
    • Convenient and safe access to system status, reports and monitoring
    • Simple LED display
  • Relay Card (RC8) – offers eight relays to control shut downs, slow downs and remote notifications of system trouble and alarm conditions.

Pressure Detectors

Fike ceramic explosion pressure detectors are designed to continuously measure pressures inside the protected hazard. Their extremely fast response time allows the connected EPC to read more than 4,000 samples per second, which is processed to determine if the pressure change is that of a developing explosion.

Optical Detectors

For applications with larger volumes and low fuel explosibility (Kst), the resulting pressure buildup following ignition is relatively slow. Therefore, the flame front may move quickly enough that it passes the isolation device before the growing pressure is detected. Optical detectors respond to flame radiation rather than pressure changes, allowing for a more responsive isolation system at early stages while combustion is developing.

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