Fike’s fiber optic sensing technology provides gapless fire detection and maintenance-free monitoring in even the harshest environments

Fiber-Optic Linear Heat Detection

Unlike traditional fire detection systems, Fike’s Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection system (LHD) continuously and actively monitors the real-time temperature at every point along an asset, precisely detecting and locating hotspots or fires within a minimum virtual zone size of 6 linear feet and resolution of 18″.

A laser pulse emitted from the LHD controller travels through a single optical fiber, light is scattered back, carrying temperature information along the route. The exact position of the temperature reading is determined by the arrival time of the returning light pulse.

With one single passive fiber optic cable, the temperature of an entire assist is monitored continuously. The sensor cable can be flexibly divided into custom alarm zones, each with individually defined alarm thresholds monitoring fixed temperature and rate of rise signatures.

Fiber-Optic Linear Heat Detection Highlights

  • Continuously monitors temperature along the length of the fiber
  • Fast Detection (5 – 30 second time measurement)
  • Precise location (<1 m spatial resolution)
  • Up to 256 virtual zones can be applied anywhere and any length on the fiber software
  • Each zone has unique alarm set points: fixed temperature, rate of rise, delta over average temperature
  • Create pre-alarm by overlapping zones
  • To configure: cool zone boundaries with cold spray or heat gun

Idea Applications

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